Overview of courses offered in English

  • PR processes and development 3 ECTS (Fall)

To get acquainted with the communication processes of organizations and with the development of public relations from a theoretical and practical point of view.


  • Integrated communication 6 ECTS  (Spring)

To get acquainted with the domains of OCPR (corporate, internal and marketing communication, and specializations) and integrated communication planning and implementation, in accordance with organizational policies and communication theories.


  • Reputation, Image and Crises 6 ECTS (Spring)

To study the concepts, theories and applications of reputation management, organizational image and crisis communication.


  • Communication Management, 6 ECTS (Spring)

To go deeply into the theories of organizational communication and PR, into strategic planning and measurement of the  profitability and quality of the communication


  • Monitoring and Perception Management 4 ECTS (Fall)

To better understand the public debate in the media about current issues, organizational legitimacy, communication processes, and roles of communication experts and journalists.

  • Innovation and Change in organisations 4 ECTS (Fall)

To better understand how innovation and change in organizations require new organizational communication strategies in the global environment, and to examine the management of communication in changing, meaning-based and networked organizations.


  • M.A. Seminar 5 ECTS (Fall - Spring)

To go deeply into research viewpoints, practices and methods.

  • Business of Media in the Future 4 ECTS (Spring)

To better understand developments in the business of media (may be changed, or not each year).


  • Current trends in OCPR 4 ECTS (Spring)

Includes foreign guest lecturers (may be changed, or not each year).


  • Special areas of OCPR 1-6 ECTS (Fall and Spring)

Additional lecture courses about specializations in OCPR that can vary each year. Students can also write an essay in a specialization to be agreed on with one of the lecturers.