Information channels

Information about study matters is provided in various ways.

  • Email lists

Every course has in Korppi its own e-mail lists through which you will be informed of matters concerning the course. Other matters related to the teaching are communicated via the ‘yviopetus’ e-mail list. New students are automatically added to the lists.

  • Information about a course

A description of the course and its learning outcomes is provided in the curriculum. It is also given in the Korppi-system that is used for registration. Depending on the pedagogical requirements for the course additional information is provided in a handout, on a digital workspace in Optima, or a blog for the course. In the first meeting the programme of the course is explained.

  • Blog

The staff of OCPR and students use a common blog where all can write about the events, seminars, courses, observations or for instance own interest areas within the field of OCPR.  The blog can be found via the webmail address: http://orgcomnews.blogspot.com/.

  • Imago

For the student organisation in OCPR we refer to the web site of Imago.


  • OCPR Staff

With questions concerning an individual course you can turn to the lecturer or examiner of the course (preferably in class, in the question hour, or by email).
Student counselling is provided by various team members of OCPR. A student will have one team member as a contact to discuss study planning.

  • Department and Faculty

In the Department of Communication each member of the staff is willing to help, but not all are able to answer each question. The department web pages explain who is responsible for different areas.

The amanuensis takes care of international matters, minors and student exchange. The departmental secretary arranges the transcripts of records and the compilation of these after a study module (during a longer absence this is the amanuensis).

  • The Information Management Centre

is responsible for the maintenance of the computer classes of Tourula, and emails concerning this are sent to the address pcsupport-tou (at) jyu.fi. On the displays of computers you will find a sticker with the primary address and name of the machine. In problem situations which are related to a username, information security, e-mail and such, you can contact this address palvelupiste (at) jyu.fi or telephone number 260 3600. More precise instructions related to feedback and failure reports can be found on the main page of the Information Management Centre (section Oikopolku). The studio technician is responsible for the functionality and lending of equipment in the radio and TV studios of the institution and other devices. 

You will find the contact information of the staff of the Department of Communication via the department web pages. Before contacting staff, please first check the online information. You will find instructions and guidelines on the web pages of the Department of Communication and the Faculty of Humanities.