Doctoral studies in Speech Communication


The Speech Communication program is a pioneer in doctoral education in the field in Finland. By the end of 2015, the Speech Communication program, founded in 1982, has awarded 24 doctoral and 24 licentiate (lower doctorate) degrees. Speech Communication at the University of Jyväskylä is the most significant university-level program for doctoral studies of Speech Communication in Finland.

Admissions to doctoral studies

Doctoral dissertations in Speech Communication from 1986 onwards

Doctoral dissertations in preparation in Speech Communication

Hakkarainen, Tuula: Graduating medical students’ expectations of workplace communication

Horila, Tessa: Shared communication competence in work teams

Kinnunen, Hanna: Privacy management in interpersonal relationships at work

Korkala, Salme: Leader’s positioning in severe workplace conflict management

Laapotti, Tomi: Social interaction in hospital management groups

Laitinen, Kaisa: Communication technology in expert organisations

Murumäki, Suvi-Tuuli: Towards interpersonal communication competence in persuasive contexts: Approaches to teaching persuasion in upper secondary school

Paaso, Marika: Journalists' privacy and publicity in social media

Pennanen, Eveliina: Nursing staff's well-being constructed in workplace communication

Raappana, Mitra: Team communication in working life

Rajamäki, Sari: Attaching to a work community through workplace relationships

Roos-Cabrera, Inkeri: Feedback between supervisors and employees in dispersed organisations

Timonen, Kati: Upper secondary school students’ perceptions of group communication competence

Toivanen-Sevrjukova, Kirsi-Marja: Sense-making in development discussion at multicultural workplaces

Tuikka, Sini: Development of bullying relationships at work