Operation and objectives

The Department of Language and Communication Studies conducts high-quality, societally significant research and trains language, communication and media experts. Research conducted at the department examines language and communication in various environments, as well as their role in the way communities function as well as in changing societies.

We aspire to:

  • Conduct nationally and internationally significant research
  • Provide education that is high-quality both in content and in pedagogy and that is based on the department’s research focus areas
  • Publicize research results to the academic community and other societal actors
  • Anticipate future challenges in research and the fast paced changes in the know-how of future experts of language, communication and media.
  • Promote interaction with interest groups and to open and actively participate in discussions regarding questions on topics such as language, communication and the media.

Research, education and societal interaction are interwoven, and the foundation of teaching is constructed on the active research work conducted by the staff as well as their actively maintained contacts outside the university.

Our teaching aims to provide each student with the multifaceted skills and knowledge required by the tasks of future language and communication experts. The development of the department’s teaching emphasizes quality, the combination of theory and practice, societal, cultural and working life connections, internationality, multiculturalism, boldness to become involved in new tasks of an expert and – as the foundation of academia – education. The department encourages its students to construct individually distinctive degrees and highlights the importance of creating working life connections during one’s studies.