Postgraduate follow-up group

In accordance with the principles of the University of Jyväskylä Graduate School for Doctoral Studies, every doctoral student has a follow-up group.  In our department the steering group for research and innovation acts as the follow-up group for all doctoral students.  The task of the group is to support the doctoral student and the supervisor in order to advance the studies leading to a doctoral degree. Doctoral students can contact any member of the steering group to ask for a meeting in order to discuss the progress of their thesis work, supervision or other matters related to doctoral studies. 

Postgraduate follow-up group at the Department of Language and Communication Studies:

Arja Piirainen-Marsh (chair, contact person)
Jarmo Jantunen
Tommi Jantunen
Sirpa Leppänen
Åsa Palviainen
Anu Sivunen