Migrants in Working life: Language and Im/mobilities

This AILA Research Network (AILA ReN) investigates the language practices of employed and employment-seeking migrants, using a range of theoretical and methodological approaches. 

  • We focus on how migrants construct identities when working in a second language, and when (if ever) they are positioned as legitimate members of the new language and work community. 
  • We explore the perceived barriers faced by migrants who range from low-income workers to highly educated experts.
  • We pay special attention to policies and practices adopted in different national and work-related contexts.



Minna Suni, University of Jyväskylä, Finland (minna.suni@jyu.fi)

Julie Kerekes, University of Toronto, Canada (julie.kerekes@utoronto.ca)

Jo Angouri, Warwick University, UK (j.angouri@warwick.ac.uk)