EDICC diploma programme starts in Krems, Austria in fall 2012

The first diploma programme will be launched in fall 2012 at Danube University Krems in Austria
  • Open call for students across Europe
  • Minimum entry level Bachelor’s degree
  • Main education target groups are professionals from the following working areas: Business, Education, Migration and Ethnic Minorities
  • Teaching is a combination of guided virtual learning and two intensive contact teaching sessions at Danube University Krems, Austria

The diploma enables adult learners to enhance their intercultural competence in order to meet the demands of the increasingly multicultural and multilingual European societies.


Teaching objectives include:

  • More effective communication in work related intercultural situations
  • Deeper insight into workplace cultural variety and understanding

Represents 30 ECTS

  • 20 ECTS core studies
  • 10 ECTS elective studies


View Curriculum content from the EDICC Brochure


Creation of a Network of insitutions in Intercultural studies


Network of insitutions in intercultural studies is established to enhance cooperation and exchange information on Intercultural Comptence and the EDICC project. The network currently consists of the 12 EDICC partners and 23 external partners.

Monthly Newsletter has been created and circulated among the Network partners to communicate EDICC and ICC news. The Newsletter also provides all Network partners a space to distribute their own (ICC related) news and developments:
  • Events
  • Jobs
  • Publications
  • Projects
  • Etc.


To be a part of the expert network, please contact:
  • WP 8 Lead - Network of universities teaching intercultural competence
    Irene Szumlakowski

   Email: ireneszm@filol.ucm.es

  • or write to newsletter@edicc.eu


EDICC Wiki on Virtual Learning launched

Online-Publication on Pedagogical-Modelling and Virtual Learning has been created in the EDICC project by P9 Friedrich Schiller Universität Jena in charge of WP 7 - Development of the virtual learning environment.

Go to EDICC's Wiki on Virtual Learning to learn more.