Project Meetings

EDICC Kick-off Meeting Helsinki, Finland 8.-11.12.2009

The Kick-off Meeting took place in Helsinki, Finland, from the 8th till the 11th of December, 2009. In the meeting, the EDICC project overview and objectives were clarified. The Annual Action Plan was discussed and approved and management procedures were discussed and agreed upon. In addition, work package contents and responsibilities were divided and discussed and timetables for specific activities were assigned. The kick-off meeting also provided all the partners a change to get to know each other to ensure flowing cooperation in the future. As a result of the meeting, common guidelines and proceedings were agreed upon and the work could begin with a shared vision of the project objectives.

Kick-off meeting
EDICC Progress Meeting Madrid, Spain 15.-16.3.2010

The first Progress Meeting took place in Madrid, Spain, on the 15th and 16th of March, 2010. In the meeting, the EDICC project processes were monitored and evaluated. Main issues included discussions and agreement on the Intercultural Competence definition, development of the curriculum content, quality assurance of the project, definition of principal target groups for the diploma, and forming of thematic working groups. In addition, decision about the visual outlook and project logo were made. The meeting ended with a Steering Committee Meeting in which the developments so far were approved. As a result of the meeting, the progresses of the work packages were shared and needs for future actions became clear.

Madrid Meeting
EDICC Virtual Progress Meeting 13.,14.,21.9.2010

The second Progress Meeting took place on the 13th, 14th and 21st of September 2010 via Connect Pro software used for online meetings. The meetings had various agendas. Firstly, the agenda was to reflect the work accomplished in the project during the first progress year and to discuss ways to guarantee future success. Secondly, Dissemination and Exploitation plans for the second progress year were presented and discussed. Thirdly, Curriculum development and virtual learning possibilities were further discussed. Finally,  management and partner co-operation issues and procedures were handled and the progress meeting ended with a Steering Committee Meeting. As a result of the meeting, plans for the second progress year were made and partners could continue to develop their work packages independently and collaboratively.

EDICC Progress Meeting Vienna/Krems, Austria 12.-13.12.2010

For the third Progress Meeting, EDICC partners gathered to Vienna and Krems, Austria, on the 12th and 13th of December, 2010. The meeting was strongly focused on curriculum development according to recently executed piloting and needs analyses. In addition, curriculum quality issues were discussed, dissemination, exploitation and networking plans were shared, and future perspectives of EDICC were reflected upon. Time was also devoted to developing group synergies within EDICC by thinking of ways to improve team work among consortium partners. In the Steering Committee Meeting, important decisions were made, including the approval of the second year annual action plan.

Krems meeting
EDICC Virtual Progress Meeting 9.-10.3.2011

The fourth Progress Meeting took place on the 9th and 10th of March 2011 via Connect Pro software used for online meetings. On March 9th, first the focus was on specific implementation plans of the first EDICC version, and second, on valorisation details and plans. Dissemination activities, such as marketing material progress, and exploitation work, such as post project agreements and rights issues, were discussed and initial decisions made. Also EDICC project’s continuance and future plans got further assurance. On March 10th, a Steering Committee Meeting was organized to close important decisions and deadlines.

EDICC Final Meeting London, UK 12.-13.09.2011

The EDICC Final Meeting in London started with a Public seminar on the 12th of September, 2011. The seminar was organized for stakeholders to raise awareness about EDICC and the nature and importance of intercultural competence. The seminar speakers came from the EDICC project and business sector, including UNESCO chair, Professor Jagdish Gundara, and the Finnish Ambassador, Pekka Huhtaniemi. The EDICC project Final feedback Meeting took place on the 13th of September. In the meeting the finalization of all work packages was reviewed and final decisions made. In addition, project continuance issues were thoroughly discussed. The meeting ended with a final Steering Committee Meeting where the Post Project Agreement was accepted and future cooperation decisions made.

Final Seminar