Join the expert network


One of the project objectives is to develop and establish an all-European Network of Universities and Institutions teaching and operating in the field of Intercultural Competence. This Network will assure the all-European level of the project by including experts, not only from the consortium countries, but from all European countries.

Creation of a Network of Insitutions in Intercultural Studies


Network of institutions in Intercultural Studies is established to enhance cooperation and exchange information on Intercultural Comptence and the EDICC project. The Network currently consists of the 12 EDICC partners and 23 external partners.

Monthly Newsletter has been created and circulated among the Network partners to communicate EDICC and ICC news. The Newsletter also provides all Network partners a space to distribute their own (ICC related) news and developments:
  • Events
  • Jobs
  • Publications
  • Projects
  • Etc.


To be a part of the expert network, please contact:
  • WP 8 Lead - Network of universities teaching intercultural competence
    Irene Szumlakowski

   Email: ireneszm@filol.ucm.es

  • or write to newsletter@edicc.eu