Project Overview

 Organisation chart

Project activities consist of 8 work packages

  • WP 1 - Management of the project

Lead: P1 University of Helsinki (contact info)

Objective of the work package is to support the project activities and take care of overall management and contractual infrastructure of the consortium. Key deliverables include: preparing the project set-up letter; making annual action plans; organizing the kick-off, progress and final meetings; making financial project plans; preparing consortium contracts; nominating the steering committee; organizing the project management framework; and completing administrative and financial reports.


  • WP 2 – Dissemination

Lead: P2 University of Jyväskylä (contact info)

Objective of the work package is to make a joint dissemination plan within the consortium and to implement the dissemination plan. Key deliverables include: making the dissemination plan; producing project presentations and marketing materials; stakeholder meeting coordination; and launching and updating the project website.


  • WP 3 - Exploitation of results

Lead: P2 University of Jyväskylä and P7 University of Lisbon (contact info)

Objective of the work package is to ensure that the curriculum will be marketed for potential learners and employers. The WP safeguards the realisation of the first EDICC-programme directly after the project and guarantees the commercialisation and continuing performance in years to come. Key deliverables include: making an exploitation plan; organizing thematic working group meetings; and executing a post project agreement.


  • WP 4 - Quality assurance of the project

Lead: P4 Danube University Krems (contact info)

Objectives of the work package are to coordinate the QA of the entire project and to ensure and develop the quality of intercultural and interdisciplinary cooperation in the consortium by utilizing self reflection as a development intervention tool. Key deliverables include: producing reflection sheets; arranging moderated group discussions; and making quality reports and discussion papers.


  • WP 5 - Quality assurance of the curriculum - pedagogigal excellence

Lead: P5 “Aurel Vlaicu” University of Arad (contact info)

Objective of the work package is to ensure high quality of the curriculum content and pedagogical aspects of the curriculum. The WP ensures that the whole curriculum meets particular European educational needs of Intercultural Competence and answers to the needs of the end-users. Key deliverables include: stating common educational starting points, making goals for curriculum quality criteria, documenting common guidelines for curriculum development, internal assessment of pedagogical excellence, and developing guidelines for sustainability.


  • WP 6 - Development of the Curriculum

Lead: P4 Danube University Krems (contact info)

Objective of the work package is to create a high quality Diploma study programme for adult learners on Intercultural Competence utilizing the existing scientific knowledge on key phenomena of Intercultural Competence, the latest pedagogical knowledge on adult learning and teaching, and special needs existing in the European work life. Key deliverables include: conceptualization of intercultural competence; making a needs analysis; development of the curriculum framework; task division; piloting a module; and finalizing the curriculum and course materials.


  • WP 7 - Development of the virtual learning environment

Lead: P9 Friedrich Schiller Universität Jena (contact info)

Objective of the work package is to get experience in applying well-established methods of intercultural education in virtual environment and to identify effective practices of intercultural learning within virtual environments and new methods of learning. Key deliverables include:  investigation of former sites; development of the learning activities and the virtual environment; documentation and analysis of experiences and feedback; modelling of pedagogical practices; and production of the publication.


  • WP 8 - Network of universities teaching intercultural competence

Lead: P8 Complutense University of Madrid (contact info)

Objective of the work package is to develop and establish an all-European Network of Universities and Institutions teaching in the field of ICC. This Network will assure the all-European level of the project by including experts, not only from the consortium countries, but from all European countries. Key deliverables include: forming a list of possible partners and experts and a draft of the network; founding the European network of ICC; and presenting the established network.