Language learning and teaching

Language learning and teaching specialization studies are specifically intended for those students who aim to become language teachers. Most students are directly selected for teacher studies, but some apply for the right to study later during their studies. Those studying to gain teacher qualifications must complete pedagogical studies. The studies also provide knowledge for other language training tasks and for a career in research.The studies for those aiming to become Finnish teachers include, in addition to pedagogical studies, studies in the Finnish language, literature and speech communication. Within this field you can specialize in examining Finnish as a second language. Those aiming to become foreign language teachers usually study two foreign languages in addition to their pedagogical studies, but other possible minors for those studying English, French, Swedish, German or Russian are, for example, Finnish as a second language, special education, educational leadership or information technology.

Learning outcomes

The studies within this area of specialization provide students with the ability to examine first, second or foreign language learning and teaching from the perspective of language research theory. Simultaneously, they offer practical tools for language teachers and other professionals involved in language training, including planning, execution, evaluation and development. The student learns to do the following:

  • See language learning and teaching as social and cultural action
  • Develop multifaceted language skills, master interaction conventions and maintain the ability to further develop those skills
  • Analyse language as the target of learning and teaching
  • See language learners as active agents in different learning processes and environments
  • Search for and apply research information on those matters that affect language learning and teaching
  • Acquire skills to search for and critically evaluate information and to apply that knowledge in various teaching, educational and planning tasks.
  • Master the skills required for cooperation and for developing one’s know-how