Compilation of Studies

After you have completed a study module (for example, the basic studies of English, the intermediate studies of Swedish, advanced studies in Intercultural Communication or intercultural communication minor programme), the individual courses included in that study module need to be compiled, meaning that all the right courses are organized under the module on your transcript and an average grade is given to the study module. Your study module is not complete until it is compiled. This does not happen automatically so you need to make a request for this.

You can ask for the registration in two ways:

1. Send a request via eHops in Korppi (recommended). 
  • Note! You need to have your eHOPS congruent with your transcript.

2.  Send a list of all the courses that you want to be included in the study entity in question to the Departmental Coordinator in charge of the specific discipline by e-mail.

  • Please mention your full name and date of birth when requesting the recording.

In case you are not sure if you have done everything required for the compilation, contact the Departmental Coordinator of the discipline.

It is important to compile the study modules as soon as they are complete, because you cannot be awarded a Bachelor's or Master's degree if some study modules are not recorded. Please also note that compiled study modules are valid as such even if the syllabus changes, but individual, unrecorded courses may expire.