Grading and Course Results


Course grades are conveyed on a scale of 0 to 5. Grade 0 denotes failure. On rare occasions courses may be credited on a pass/fail basis. To obtain a grade of 5 (excellent), a student usually needs to show strong interest in the class and acquire relatively large amounts of information regarding the topics discussed in the class. Also, the student must complete all of the assignments in an excellent manner and demonstrate critical thinking skills when defending a position or point.

It is important to respect the deadlines for essays and course assignment. If a student turns in materials late, the examiner has the option of lowering the grade of the assignment. Such penalties are always at the discretion of the examiner, and he or she usually takes into account the particular circumstances of each incident.

Every course or module has a set of learning outcomes (osaamistavoitteet). They are formulated so that grade 3 (=good) represents the learning outcomes as they are written. When these learning outcomes are fulfilled, a grade 3 is given. Only when a student shows outstanding or excellent knowledge (beyond the learning outcome descriptions) he/she may receive grade 4 or even 5.

Course Results

The results of completed study units shall be announced within two weeks of the examination date, or from the date by which an essay, lecture journal or equivalent written assignment was due to be submitted to the examiner for assessment. The time limit does not include periods during which, upon the decision by the Rector, teaching is not arranged. For a specific reason, the head of department may grant an exception to the time limit so that study results are announced within a month of the examination date.

Course results are available in Korppi system. You can also see and print out your unofficial transcript of records  from Korppi system under the heading Personal Data. If you need an official signed and stamped transcript, you can get it from the Admission and Student Services.

Please, check your transcript of records regularly to make sure that your courses are registered correctly. If you notice any mistakes, please contact your Education Coordinator. It is very important that the mistakes are corrected as soon as possible and it is your responsibility to have this done.

For more detailed information on assessment and grading of studies, please see Degree Regulations of the University of Jyväskylä.