Internships and Workplace Learning in Languages

Workplace learning is target-oriented, guided and evaluated studying done in actual working environments. Those students aiming to become language experts must complete 5 mandatory ECTS credits that improve their expertise on working life (KLSY100). The study module KLSY100 Working Opportunities for Language Specialists can be completed by either taking part in a workplace project (KLSY102), working as a congress assistant (KLSY105) or through workplace learning (KLSY101, 5-15 ects). Students who aim to become language teachers can choose the optional KLSY107 Workplace Learning for Teachers (5-10 ects).

Possible ways of carrying out workplace learning are

(1) acquiring work yourself which meets the criteria of workplace learning, but for which the department cannot provide financial support 

(2) acquiring work yourself for which the department grants financial support (see instructions for department's financial support for internship);

(3) positions opened by the department for public applications (usually workplace learning positions within the University);

(4) workplace learning / internships in non-Finnish organizations/companies abroad (can be unpaid or financially supported by the university or some other organization; for available funding options please see the web pages of the Career Services unit of the University).

Finding a workplace learning position

Positions available can be found e.g. at:

The workplace learning positions which are entitled to financial support from the department are usually open for applications during the first months of the year, but internships can take place all year round. The department usually supports about 10 student internships each year.

It is possible for a student to independently acquire a workplace learning position outside the University and have it approved by the department. If the internship can be seen to support the student’s professional orientation and to provide a chance for the student to apply the knowledge acquired through the student’s language and/or minor studies in practical work tasks, the student can be granted financial support.

Contact persons for intenships and workplace learning in languages

Workplace learning for language experts:

  • Tiina Suominen (all workplace learning positions in the following subjects: romance philology, Swedish, English, German language and culture, and Russian language and culture. Additionally, the positions financially supported by the department in the following subjects: Finnish language, Finnish Sign Language)
  • Sari Sulkunen (Finnish language: positions not receiving financial support from the department)

Workplace learning for teachers: