Maturity exam

The maturity exam (in Finnish 'kypsyysnäyte' or 'maturiteetti') is a compulsory study attainment stipulated in the Degree Statute. According to the Statute, students have to complete a maturity exam in the field of their thesis. The maturity exam makes up part of the compulsory language and communication studies of both the Candidate (Bachelor) and Master Degrees.

Once done for the Candidate, a controlled maturity is not needed the for the Master any more, but the abstract of the Master thesis is acknowledged as the necessary "little" maturity. However, all the students who enter Master Programmes with a foreign bachelor degree as their basis, must write the ordinary maturity examination (maturity essay) at a controlled situation.

The intended reader of the maturity exam is someone who is familiar with the way of thinking in the field of study in question, but not acquainted with the particular research question at issue. The students write an essay, in a controlled exam situation, in the field of the Thesis. The maturity exam is reviewed for its content and the language used.

Practical advice for writing your maturity exam

Before your maturity exam, please read the maturity exam instructions on the university website.

Finnish students with a foreign bachelor degree as their basis, write the maturity exam in Finnish and are advised to read the Finnish maturity exam instructions.

Taking the maturity exam: Intercultural Communication Master's Degree students

The maturity exam brings 1 ECTS credits. You can register for the maturity exam after you have submitted your Thesis for the final assessment (after making the changes suggested in the pre-review). The exam is taken on a Faculty examination day and you need to register for the exam in Korppi (code for the maturity exam of communication studies: KVV0Y96) one week before the examination day.