Registration for Courses

Students must pre-register for the courses they plan to complete. The pre-registration takes place on the Internet through the Korppi system.

When in Korppi, please go to Studies > Searching and registering for studies. While registering, please pay attention to the course codes. If the course has several sub-groups, please also remember to sign up for the group of your choice.

You will also be automatically added to the course-specific mailing list. In case you decide not to attend a course for which you have pre-registered, please remove your registration via the Korppi system.

If the course’s registration page has a preliminary information form, remember to fill it out as you register.

You can check the courses you have registered for under the Studies menu on the left-hand side of the page. There you can find a list of all the courses you have registered for.

Ground rules for course registration

  • Registering for a course is binding. When making course selections, make sure you can attend all the courses you select.
  • If you cannot take part in a course you have already registered for, please cancel your registration or notify the teacher as soon as possible before the course’s first meeting. Cancellations provide spots for those queuing for a spot in the course.
  • All registered students must attend the first meeting of the course. The positions of those absent will be given to queuing students. If for some valid reason you cannot attend the course’s first meeting and you wish to keep your spot in the course, let the teacher or person in charge know beforehand. (Their contact information can be found in Korppi under the course description.) The first meeting is often the most important one.