Personal Study Plan (HOPS)

Every student develops a personal study plan (Henkilökohtainen OPiskeluSuunnitelma, HOPS) in Korppi system. The HOPS is designed to help the students plan and complete their studies according to their own strengths and interests, as well as keep track of their studies. In the beginning of their studies, all degree students of the Department will be provided help and support in making their HOPS in Korppi.

HOPS discussions with study counsellors of the discpiline are conducted in the beginning of studies and by appointment.

Conversation topics for the Personal Study Plan process (HOPS) – Intercultural Communication Master's Degree students

I Goals and working life

1. Your earlier degree (what, where, when…)?
2. What kind of work experience do you have?
3. What kind of work might interest you in the future?

II Degree and studying

1. Do you have any earlier studies in your current major? If so, where have you completed them, how many credits do you have, etc.?
2. What kind of other studies would you like to / need to include in your degree?
3. What kind of master’s thesis topics interest you most at the moment?
4. When you think of the master's thesis, which of the following forms feels the best to you?

  • research-oriented report
  • scientific publication or article accompanied by a summary
  • review of literature
  • portfolio thesis
  • thesis combining text with other means of representation

5. Thinking of internship or work practice, what kind of work assignments interest you the most?

III Learning and timing of studies

1. What kind of a learner are you? What are your strengths and weaknesses when studying?
2. What kind of studying suits you the best?
3. What motivates you to learn and study?
4. What factors might have an influence on the schedule of your studies and graduation?

IV Expectations and feedback

1. What are your wishes concerning teaching and supervision in the department?
2. What are your experiences and expectations about studying in a university?
3. Other possible topics of interest?