Who Does What at the Department?

Areas of responsibility

Title Area of Responsibility
professors research and teaching
lecturers teaching and research
researchers research
education coordinators
administrative duties and study counselling
visiting scholars teaching for one or two terms
heads of department running the department


Study counselling

Education Coordinators have duties related to study administration and informing. They also provide study counselling especially in matters regarding degree requirements, correspondence between old and new requirements, personal study plan, course choices and studies at other universities.

Study counselling is provided also by other staff members at the Department:

  • teachers can answer questions related to their specific courses
  • for Intercultural Communication, University Lecturer Marko Siitonen provides study counselling


A Head of the Department (strategic and financial management) and three Deputy Heads (one in charge of research and two of pedagogical matters) are responsible for running the department. You can contact them, for example, if you would like to provide comments or feedback on any study-related matters, or if you have ideas or suggestions on how to improve any aspect of the Department.

Departmental meetings are held at least twice a year: current matters, e.g. curriculum changes or any other plans and changes, are discussed in these open meetings together with students. Disciplines may also have their own meetings open for students.

At the Department, there are also planning groups and committees with appointed student representatives (e.g. teaching development group).