De Weerdt Danny, yliopistonopettaja, tohtorikoulutettava / university teacher, doctoral student

suomalainen viittomakieli / Finnish Sign Language
F 201

Vastaanotto: to be agreed beforehand

University teacher, courses

SVKP121 Introduction to the Linguistics of Finnish Sign Language

SVKP132 The History and Culture of the Deaf

SVKA141 Sign Language Communication 1

SVKP125 Tools for Examining Signing

KYVP002 Introduction to the History of the Deaf Community and Culture

Exam, course

SVKP144 Kaksi- ja monikielisyys

Doctoral Research

Working title of dissertation

Existential Sentences in Flemish Sign Language and Finnish Sign Language

My research focuses on expressing the function of existence in Flemish Sign Language (VGT) and Finnish Sign Language (FinSL). This study mainly aims to investigate 1. the different ways of expressing existence in both sign languages, 2. the internal structure of existential constructions in both sign languages and 3. the differences and similarities on existential constructions between these sign languages.