Kalaja Paula, professori / professor emerita

Kalaja Paula, professori / professor emerita
englanti / English

Doing research: Language Learning and Teaching

  • experiences of learning and teaching English (and other languages) in different contexts – viewed within discursive and sociocultural frameworks: attitudes, motivation, attributions, beliefs, agency and identity; methodological innovation in data collection and analysis: from life stories to visual narratives
  • development of L2 writing (in English and other languages): processes and outcomes; based on an extensive corpus of communicative writing tasks, consisting partly of cross-sectional and partly of longitudinal data, collected from Grades 4 through 12 and adult L2 learners; assessed using two standard rating scales: that of the CEFR and national core curriculum; methodological innovation in the analysis of writing process data: Scriptlog.


Recent publications (2000-)