Karjalainen Noora, tohtorikoulutettava / doctoral student

Karjalainen Noora, tohtorikoulutettava / doctoral student
englanti / English
Vaasa F258

Teaching (in Vaasa)
-VINE 1052 Academic Communication

Research interests
-Media representations of female folk singers (dissertation)
-Nostalgia, Memory Studies
-Performance narratives
-Cosy other/internal other

Published articles
-Karjalainen, Noora. 2017. "Place, Sound, and Tradition: Constructions of Nostalgia in the Media Representations of Female Folk Singers". Journal of Popular Music Studies 29(3): 1-12. http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/jpms.12219/epdf
-Karjalainen, Noora. 2016. "Elfin Beauties in Eternal Summer: Nostalgic and Gendered Imagery in Folk Singer Publicity Photographs". In Hirvonen, P., Rellstab, D., and Siponkoski, N. (eds.) Teksti ja tekstuaalisuus. In Teksti ja tekstuaalisuus. Text och textualitet. Text and textuality. Text und Textualität, 48-59. Vaasa: VAKKI Publications 7.
-Karjalainen, Noora. 2015. "Nostalgia in the Media Representations of Female Folk Singers". In Rellstab, D. and N. Siponkoski (eds.) Rajojen dynamiikkaa. Gränsernas dynamik. Borders Under Negotiation. Grenzen und ihre Dynamik, 25-34. Vaasa: VAKKI Publications 4.

Work in progress
-"Pure Voices, Confident Singing, Enchanting Music: Narratives of Performance in the Media Representations of Female Folk Singers". (manuscript submitted for review)
-"'She sings in Scottish Gaelic': Authenticity in the Media Representation of Julie Fowlis". (manuscript submitted for review)

-"Imagined, Remembered, Gendered: Narratives of Cosy Other in the Media Representations of Female Folk Singers" (manuscript submitted for review)

Paper Presentations
-Constructions of nostalgia, authenticity, gender, and otherness in the media representation of female folk singer. EUPOP 2017, the 6th International Conference of the European Popular Culture Association. University of the Arts London 25-27 July, 2017.
-"Her voice is butterflies and dappled light...": The female folk singer and gendered authenticity. International Council for Traditional Music 44th World Conference 13-19 July 2017 University of Limerick, Ireland
-The Other Voice: Female folk singers as the cosy other in the media. The 21st Annual Symposium for Music Scholars in Finland, University of Jyväskylä, 19-21 April, 2017
-"These songs tell us ... who we came from and what's been passed on to us." Cultural sustainability through the connections to tradition in female folk singers' media representations. Common Themes Across Disciplines: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Susstainability 3.-4.11.2016, University of Vaasa
-Conference presentation: Karjalainen Noora. 2016. Nostalgic authenticity in folk singer publicity photographs. XXXVI kansainvälinen VAKKI-symposiumi - Teksti ja tekstuaalisuus, 02/2016. Vaasa. Suomi.
-Conference presentation: Karjalainen Noora. 2015. Nostalgic authenticities in the Folk Singer Media Representations. Memory, Melancholy and Nostalgia. 4th International Interdisciplinary Memory Conference. Gdansk. Puola.
-Conference presentation: Karjalainen Noora. 2015. Bringing the present to the past - Nostalgia and memory in the representations of female folk singers. Suomen musiikintutkijoiden 19. symposium, Musiikki ja toiminta. Tampere. Suomi.
-Symposium presentation: Karjalainen Noora. 2015. Media Representations of Female Folk Singer. VAKKI symposium XXXV. Rajojen dynamiikkaa. Vaasa. Suomi.
-Conference presentation: Karjalainen Noora. 2014. Female folk singer image thorugh media references - Julie Fowlis: a case study. Suomen musiikintutkijoiden 18. symposium. Tulkinta - ennen ja nyt. Seinäjoki. Suomi.