Dlaske Kati, tutkijatohtori / postdoctoral researcher (työstä vapaalla / on leave of absence)

Research Collegium for Language in Changing Society (ReCLaS)
Dlaske Kati, tutkijatohtori / postdoctoral researcher (työstä vapaalla / on leave of absence)
soveltava kielitiede / applied linguistics


Research Interests

  • Media discourse, politics of popular culture  
  • Ethnic, indigenous & linguistic minorities
  • Multilingualism
  • New gendered subjectivities 
  • Language in the globalized new economy 
  • Neoliberal Governmentalities 

Selected Publications

Dlaske, Kati (2017). Music-video covers, minoritised languages, and affective investments in the space of YouTube. Language in Society 46 (4): 451−475.

Dlaske, Kati (2016). Way better than the original!! Music video covers and language revitalisation: A sociosemiotic view. APPLES - Journal of applied language studies 10(2): 83-103.

Dlaske, Kati & Saara Jäntti (2016). Girls strike back. Politics of parody in an indigenous TV comedy. Gender & Language 10(2): 191-215.

Dlaske, Kati, Elisabeth Barakos, Kyoko Motobayashi & Mireille McLaughlin (2016). Introduction to the special issue “Languaging the worker: Globalized governmentalities in/of language in peripheral spaces”. Multilingua 35(4): 345-359.   

Dlaske, Kati (2016). Shaping subjects of globalisation: at the intersection of voluntourism and the new economy. Multilingua 35(4): 415-440. 

Dlaske, Kati (2015). Discourse matters. Localness as a source of authenticity in craft businesses in peripheral minority language sites. CADAAD Journal 7 (2): 243–262. Available online at: http://www.lancaster.ac.uk/fass/journals/cadaad/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Volume-7_Dlaske.pdf

Pietikäinen, Sari, Sarah E. Compton & Kati Dlaske (2015). Putting resources into practice: A nexus analysis of knowledge mobilisation activities in language research and multilingual communities. Current Issues in Language Planning 16 (3): 187–200.

Dlaske, Kati (2014) Semiotics of pride and profit. Interrogating commodification in indigenous handicraft production. Social Semiotics 24 (5): 582–598.

Kauppinen, Kati (2014) Welcome to the end of the world! Resignifying periphery under the new economy: a nexus analytical view of a tourist website. Journal of multicultural discourses 9 (1): 1−19.

Pietikäinen, Sari & Dlaske, Kati (2013) Cutting across media spaces and boundaries: the case of a hybrid indigeneous Sámi comedy. Sociolinguistica 27: 87–100.

Kauppinen, Kati (2013) ‘Full power despite stress’: A discourse analytical examination of the interconnectedness of postfeminism and neoliberalism in the domain of work in an international women’s magazine. Discourse & Communication 7(2): 133-151.

Kauppinen Kati (2013) At an intersection of postfeminism and neoliberalism: A discourse analytical view of an international women's magazine. Critical Approaches to Discourse Across Disciplines. 7 (1). 82–99. Available online at:http://www.cadaad.net/files/journal/CADAAD%202013_Kauppinen.pdf

Kauppinen, Kati (2012) Subjects of Risk. Neoliberale Gouvernementalität in einer gegenwärtigen Frauenzeitschrift. In: Dreesen, P., Kumiega, L. and Spieß, C. (Hg.) Mediendiskursanalyse. Diskurse-Dispositive-Medien-Macht. In der Reihe: Theorie und Praxis der Diskursforschung. Wiesbaden: Springer VS. 189-206.


Edited volumes

Dlaske, Kati & Mireille McLaughlin (eds.) (2016). Special issue “Languaging the worker: Globalized governmentalities in/of language in peripheral spaces”. Multilingua 35(4).

Wright, Sue, Kati Dlaske, Suzanne Hilgendorf & Sari Pietikäinen (eds.) (2013). Special issue “New media practices”. Sociolinguistica 27.


FT 2011 / Ph.D. 2011

Kauppinen, Kati (2012) Subjects of Aspiration. Untersuchung von diskursiven Prozessen neoliberaler Regierung in einer postfeministischen Frauenzeitschrift. Finnische Beiträge zur Germanistik 28. Frankfurt a. M.: Peter Lang.

FM 2006 / M.A. 2006

Kauppinen, Kati (2012) Hinter der blöden Kuh. Frausein und Frauenbilder in Dagmar  Chidolues Roman Blöde Kuh. Saarbrücken: AV Akademikerverlag.