Research interests

Åsa Palviainen (formerly Nordqvist) is a Professor in Swedish at Department of Languages at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. Palviainen earned her PhD degree in General linguistics at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, in 2001 and moved to Finland in 2003. Her doctoral dissertation was about children’s early language acquisition and narrative development in speech and writing. She has also conducted research on early language development of deaf children with cochlear implants.

Her current research interests are multilingual family language practices as part of the research field family language policy (FLP); especially the role of digitally-mediated communication in families. She is further interested in discourse analytical and sociolinguistic approaches to (early) bi- and multilingualism; L2 teaching and learning (especially Swedish as a foreign/the other national language in Finland); language policy issues and discourses (especially on the status of Swedish in the Finnish educational system and on bilingualism); language policies and practices in Early Childhood Education and Care; and writing processes in L1 and L2.

Inaugural lecture (12 December, 2012): Svenskan i ett föränderligt och flerspråkigt samhälle (Swedish in a changing and multilingual society; the speech is mostly in Swedish).

Current research projects


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