The 2nd Symposium of Language Policy in the Family, the Preschool and the School. Heading for the future!

University of Jyväskylä

April 7-8, 2017

General information about the symposium and book of abstracts.


(updated March 30; minor changes may occur)  

April 7   2017 – How far have we reached?  


8.30-9.30       Registration and morning coffee (Agora entrance hall)

Invited talks and discussions (Agora Gamma auditorium):

9.30-9.45       Introduction and welcoming words (Åsa Palviainen)

9.45-10.45     Åsa Palviainen and Mari Bergroth, University of Jyväskylä: Seeing the child while engaging, navigating and changing the nexus: Experiences from the 4-year project Child2ling 

10.45-11.45   Mila Schwartz, Oranim College of Education: Enhancing children’s willingness to use L2 (Arabic) in a bilingual kindergarten in Israel

11.45-13.00   Lunch (at own expense in Piato restaurant)

Invited talks and discussions (Agora Alfa auditorium):

13.00-14.00   PhD-student İrem Bezcioğlu-Göktolga, Tilburg University: Whose family language policy is it? Active agents in shaping the FLP of Turkish families in the Netherlands 

14.00-15.00   Dr. Cassie Smith-Christmas, University of Limerick: Family language policy and endangered languages:  Commonalities and conundrums

15.00-15.30   Coffee break (included)

15.30-16.30   Taina Saarinen, University of Jyväskylä and RECLAS Wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey: Language policy as a fluid concept

18.30 Dinner  (in the city center, at own expense)


April 8   Which are the theories and methdologies for 2017 and beyond?  


Poster exhibition (9.00-10.00, Agora entrance hall)

  • Altinkamis, Feyza: Family Characteristics of Turkish-Dutch Bilingual Children in Flanders
  • Ansó Ros, Judith: Finnish-Spanish bilingual children attending maintenance courses. Family characteristics and the role of parents in the transmission and acquisition
  • Connaughton Crean, Lorraine: The Family Language Policy of Polish immigrant families in Ireland-Issues of ideology, practice and management
  • Hirvonen, Pia: A Family Language Policy Perspective on Swedish Immersion Education in Finland
  • Kingelin-Orrenmaa, Zea: Language politics on the macro and micro level: The case of the Swedish school of Tampere (SST)
  • Nyman-Koskinen, Paulina & Pauliina Sopanen: Language diversity and language awareness in the national core curriculum for Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) and Basic Education (BE)
  • Pratt, Sara: Parental attitudes to bilingualism and support in international families in Finland
  • Roberts, Tim: Linguistic trajectories, ideologies and repertoires of multilingual families in Sweden
  • Sjöberg, Sannina: Family Language Policy in Bilingual Families Including Three Generations

Invited talks and discussion (Agora Gamma auditorium)

10.00-11.00   Prof. Kutlay Yağmur, Tilburg University: Resources are more important than ideologies: Dynamics of FLP in Immigrant Families

11.00-12.00   Dr. Lyn Wright, The University of Memphis: Rethinking “family” in family language policy: New kinships, genders, and language socialization processes

12.00-13.00   Lunch (at own expense in restaurant Piato)

Invited talk and round table discussions (Agora Gamma auditorium):

13.00-14.00   Dr. Xiao Lan Curdt-Christiansen, University of Reading: Building new methodological and analytical framework

14.00-15.30   Round table discussions (including coffee and tea) 

15.30-16.00   Concluding discussion