Piirainen-Marsh Arja, laitoksen varajohtaja, professori / deputy head of department, professor

Piirainen-Marsh Arja, laitoksen varajohtaja, professori / deputy head of department, professor
englanti / English
A 231.7

Consultation hour: By appointment


  • EKIY012 Opinto- ja urasuunnittelu
  • EKI3002 Digital games and language learning 
  • EKIA470 Discourse at Work
  • EKIA408 Study of Talk and Interaction
  • EKIA2003 Pragmatics  
  • EKIS574 Language as Cultural Practice 
  • EKISS342 Multimodaalinen diskurssintutkimus
  • EKIS605 MA Thesis Seminar 

 Research areas

  • Social interaction
  • Conversation Analysis
  • Discourse Analysis
  • Multilingual and multimodal interaction
  • Additional language learning


Game-playing as a site for social activity, multilingual practices and situated learning 

Embodiments of learning in social interaction

Language learning in the Wild

Selected publications

Articles in refereed international journals

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Articles in refereed edited collections and conference proceedings

Piirainen-Marsh, A. & Lilja, N. (forth.). How Wild can it Get? Managing Language Learning Tasks in Real Life Service Encounters. To appear in Hellermann, J., Eskildsen, S., Pekarek Doehler, S. & Piirainen-Marsh, A. (eds.).

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Edited collections

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Other scientific publications

Koskela, H. & A. Piirainen-Marsh 2001. Harvey Sacks ja keskusteluntutkimuksen perinne. In Dufva, H. & M. Lähteenmäki (toim). Kielentutkimuksen klassikoita. Jyväskylä: Soveltavan kielentutkimuksen keskus, 257–280.

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