Siitonen Marko, apulaisprofessori / associate professor

Siitonen Marko, apulaisprofessori / associate professor
kulttuurienvälinen viestintä / Intercultural communication
A 320.3

Tutkimusalueet / Research Interests

Vuorovaikutus pelaajayhteisöissä / Social interaction in online game communities
Kulttuurienvälinen viestintä medioiduissa toimintaympäristöissä / Intercultural communication in mediated contexts
Hajautettu työ ja yhteistoiminta / Distributed work and collaboration
Johtamisviestintä / Leadership communication
Uutispelit / Newsgames
Ihminen ja tekoäly vuorovaikutuskumppaneina / Communication between humans and artificial intelligence

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Julkaisut / Publications


Background information

With a background in Speech Communication (PhD in 2007) and a keen interest in all things digital, I am continuously searching for new understandings in the way humans create and navigate their complex communication environment in the 21st century. As I see it, there are two major, underlying questions directing most of my research: first, how are existing cultural practices, traditions, and identities being remade and reinvented in a digital realm, and second, what kind of new ways of being and doing humanity ("cultures") are being created with the help of the affordances of communication technology. Naturally, some of the most interesting lines of inquiry lay at the intersection of these two questions!

I am what you could call a social constructionist - that is, I see culture as something tangible, something that is done in everyday interaction. This means that I am less interested in finding out universal "laws" related to culture (such as broadly shared value systems, etc.), and more interested in seeing how and why people make culture relevant to them. Consequently, I am more inclined at looking at actual intercultural communication than for example at doing cross-cultural comparisons. It is the ingenuity and resourcefulness of people that continues to amaze me. In this respect I am proud to say I am forever a student of communication.