Strengell Anna-Maria, koulutussuunnittelija / education coordinator

Strengell Anna-Maria, koulutussuunnittelija / education coordinator
englanti / English
Ag D325.1

Usually at work from 9 am to 5 pm.

Consultation hours: Mon 12-14 and Thu 10-11
(no need for an appointment during these times, just pop in!)

If these times don't suit you, we can agree on another meeting time.
Phone and Skype consultations also possible, please email me for agreeing a suitable time. 
  • Mon 2 October consultation hour at 12:00-13:45 due to a meeting
  • Thu 5 October no consultation hour
  • Thu 12 October no consultation hour
  • Mon 31 October no consultation hour
I also have scheduled additional meeting times. You may book them via Korppi (Korppi show automatically the current week; to look for other times, click  other week numbers on top of the calendar).

How to find my office:
  • My office is at the 3rd floor of the Agora building, D wing. Turn left from the Agora main entrance and walk until the end of the corridor.
  • Use the elevator or the stairs to reach the 3rd floor.
  • The doors to our premises are locked; give me a call when you are at the 3rd floor or ring my doorbell located opposite of the elevator.


Työtehtävät / Responsibilities

  • Opinto-ohjaus ja neuvonta englannin opiskelijoille | General study guidance for English majors and minor students
  • Muualla suoritettujen opintojen hyväksilukeminen, englannin oppiaineen opiskelijat | Transferring credits of studies completed abroad or at other Finnish universities
  • Opetusohjelma ja opetusjärjestelyt, englannin kieli ja laitoksen kieliaineiden yhteiset kurssit | Course schedules, English section & joint courses of languages
  • Tenttiasiat, englannin kieli | Exams, English and Applied Linguistics
  • Tiedotus opiskelijoille ja henkilökunnalle | Informing students and staff
  • Verkkosivujen päivitys, opintoasiat | Updating webpages
  • Kieliaineiden alumnivastaava | Alumni coordinator of languages
  • Laitoksen rekrytointi- ja viestintätehtäviä | Departmental student recruitment and communication tasks
  • APPLANG-maisteriohjelman hallinnollisia tehtäviä | APPLANG MA programme, administrative tasks

Työryhmät / Working groups

  • laitoksen valintatoimikunta | admissions committee of the Dept
  • laitoksen opiskelijarekrytointityöryhmä | student rectruitment working group of the Dept