Tergujeff Elina, tutkijatohtori / post doctoral researcher

Tergujeff Elina, tutkijatohtori / post doctoral researcher
+358 40 8053218
englanti / English
F 307

Teaching 2018–2019

EKIA6000 BA Thesis Seminar

Research interests

Tergujeff's main interests relate to second/foreign language pronunciation teaching and learning, and her current research concentrates on comprehensibility, intelligibility and accentedness of English spoken by Swedish-speaking and Finnish-speaking Finns. Her postdoctoral project ICASEF (2018–2021) is funded by the Academy of Finland. She is a member of the FOKUS project which runs in the Department of Language and Communication Studies 2015–2019.

Meet me at

EuroCALL – Future-proof CALL: Language Learning as Exploration and Encounter,
Jyväskylä 22–24 August 2018.

Exploring Language Education (ELE): Global and Local Perspectives,
Stockholm 18–20 June 2018.

PhD supervision

Henna HeinonenFinskspråkiga gymnasisters svenska uttal och dess begriplighet.
Maria KautonenFinskspråkiga talares uttal av finlandssvenska på olika färdighetsnivåer.

Selected recent publications

  • Tergujeff, E. & Kautonen, M. (eds.) (forthcoming). Suullinen kielitaito: Opi, opeta, arvioi. Helsinki: Finn Lectura.
  • Kuronen, M. & Tergujeff, E. (forthcoming). Second language prosody and its development: Connections between different aspects. The Language Learning Journal. Published ahead of print online 2018.
  • Kuronen, M. & Tergujeff, E. (2017). L1 listeners' perception of L2 pronunciation – Effect of prosody on accentedness ratings in Swedish. In Kuronen, M., Lintunen, P. & Nieminen, T. (eds.), Näkökulmia toisen kielen puheeseen – Insights into Second Language Speech. AFinLAe: Soveltavan kielitieteen tutkimuksia 10. 214–233.
  • Tergujeff, E. (2016). Wanted: Tutkimusperustainen ääntämisen opetus (book review). Puhe ja kieli 36 (3), 221–225.
  • Henderson, A., Tergujeff, E., Kirkova-Naskova, A., Kautzsch, A., Waniek-Klimczak, E., Levey, D., Frost, D. & Curnick, L. (2015). English Pronunciation Teaching in Europe Survey: Factors inside and outside the classroom. In Mompeán, J.A. & Fouz, J. (eds.), Investigating English Pronunciation: Current Trends and Directions. Palgrave Macmillan. 260–291.
  • Henderson, A. Curnick, L., Frost, D., Kautzsch, A., Kirkova-Naskova, A., Levey, D., Tergujeff, E. & Waniek-Klimczak, E. (2015). Pronunciation in an EFL setting: What’s going on inside & around European classrooms? Speak Out! 52, 49–58.
  • Ullakonoja, R., Dufva, H., Kuronen, M., Kautonen, M. & Tergujeff, E. (2015). Using language testing corpora to investigate L2 pronunciation. Proceedings of the 18th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences, 10–14 Aug 2015, Glasgow Scotland UK. University of Glasgow.
  • Tergujeff, E. (2015). Good servants but poor masters: On the important role of textbooks in teaching English pronunciation. In Waniek-Klimczak, E. & Pawlak, M. (eds.), Teaching and Researching the Pronunciation of English. Heidelberg: Springer. 107–117.