YCCA2120 Corporate Reputation and Crisis Communication 6 op (18.09.2017 - 28.09.2017)

This course introduces processes relevant to better understand corporate reputation and crises, and teaches how to fulfil the related consultant role within the organization.

Nowadays, organisations function in a fast-changing social environment that brings challenges and shifting expectations. This calls for attention for organizational reputation and resilience, keeping an eye on evolving issues and (potential) crises. Teams look into the reputation of a chosen well-known organization, with a focus on a particular issue or crisis. Students also reflect on the literature. There is a clear student guide and a helpful Optima workspace.  

The lectures are given by prof. Marita Vos. They are condensed in 2 weeks, from 18-28 September. The first 3 class meetings have a seminar form; they consist of 4 lecture hours each, with one break in the middle. In or after the first class teams will be formed. During class there will be short assignments and discussions with neighbours, which is why we recommend that students take a seat next to (at least) one other member of their team.

The last class meeting consists of 2 lecture hours and is open to visitors also, as it celebrates the new book 'Communication in Crisis Times' that also belongs to this course. It is the 15th book written by the lecturer. This will be her last course as full professor for JYU, as she will return to the Netherlands after having worked here for 11 years (grading and doctoral student supervision will still continue). Thus, special care will be given to the lecturing of this course.  
Lectures (attendance helps to benefit of the interaction in class for the assignment), and a written essay (actually, a case reported in a slide template that helps keep the team on track, a team blog post and comments for other teams, also an individual short essay on the course literature). 
On successful completion of this module, the student:
- understands the formation of organizational reputation among audiences
- understands the significance of crises for reputation
- is able to measure the reputation and interpret the results for strategic development of the organization.

Avoin yliopisto
Opintojakson suoritettuaan opiskelija
- ymmärtää, miten organisaation maine muodostuu yleisöjen keskuudessa
- ymmärtää kriisien merkityksen maineelle
- osaa mitata mainetta ja tehdä johtopäätöksiä organisaation strategiseksi kehittämiseksi.

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