Teaching and Learning – Our Methods

We recognise that individuals learn in many different ways, and this is reflected in the diversity of approaches to teaching. Some courses are based on lectures, while others may consist of seminars, pair/group work, a virtual learning environment, independent study, or a combination of these.

Evaluation is carried out in a variety of ways, continuous or final: written examinations, assignments, essays, learning portfolios, learning diaries, oral presentations or posters are all used in our courses. Each course description includes detailed information about the method(s) of evaluation.

In teaching, another concern of ours is students’ ability to evaluate their own progress in their learning. Students are therefore sometimes asked to keep a learning log or diary, or to hand in a written self-evaluation at the end of the semester.

Feedback is collected at the end of each course, and it plays an important role in the development of our courses.

We have an open-door policy so students can consult us or ask for feedback whenever we are in our offices, but we also have an official weekly consultation hour throughout the semester.