"English in Finland" course blogsite

English in Finland

Two groups of students in English, one in Jyväskylä, the other in Oulu, are producing a blog during the spring term in the context of an Advanced Level course focusing on English in Finland

The blogsite is available at https://englishinfinland2016.wordpress.com/. Have a look at what the students have now published about their linguistic landscape analyses. Later this spring, the students will publish similar entries about their analyses of English in Finnish mass and social media, as well as the role of English in Finnish face-to-face interaction. 

"Our aim is to figure out how English impacts Finnish culture and language, and how Finnish and English exist and are used side by side."

The course is jointly given by professor Sirpa Leppänen and professor Pentti Haddington from the university of Oulu, and they use several digital platforms to run the course: Adobe Connect Pro and video conferencing are used to organize the joint classroom sessions, and Optima for sharing the course materials and a course internal discussion site. Besides the blog entries, the students are also expected to write a more extended essay on each of the three themes investigated in the course.


Blogsite: https://englishinfinland2016.wordpress.com/

Further information: Professor Sirpa Leppänen