Registration for courses / academic year 2015-2016

Registration for courses for the whole academic year 2015 - 2016:

  • Perusopinnot / Basic studies (1st year of BA): Thu 3.9. at 9.00 - 23.50
  • Aineopinnot / Subject studies (2nd and 3rd year of BA): Mon 24.8. at 9.00 - Mon 31.8. at 23.50
  • Syventävät opinnot / Advanced studies (MA level): Mon 24.8. at 12.00 - Mon 31.8. at 23.50
  • Laitoksen yhteiset kurssit (koodilla KLS) / Joint courses of the Department (code KLS, offered only in Finnish): Mon 10.8. at 00.00 onwards

Please note that you need to register also for the spring term courses at the same time!
Exception: For courses that take place only during the spring term (i.e. don't have a parallel group or groups in the autumn term) the registration is open until 30 November. For these courses you need to confirm your participation (you'll receive an email from Korppi)


In case of problems/questions concerning registration please contact the deparmental coordinator (amanuenssi) Anna-Maria Strengell.