Licenciate theses


Marja Putus: Creating opportunities for interaction in the English classroom through drama



Jauhiainen Marjaana: Beyond Double Stigma: A Multimodal Discourse Analysis of Disability and Femininity in the World Wide Web



Alatalo Pirjo: Repair work interaction in business e-mail messages - with special reference to interpersonal metadiscourse



Vuorela Taina: Teamwork as an international resourse: a case study of a seller-buyer negotiation



Pollari Pirjo: "This is my portfolio" portfolios as a vehicle for students

Lemponen Seppo: Swing to Bob - Hep to Hip: a study in jazz parlance

Luukas Anneli: "Let the games begin" second language strategies in a business game



Johnson Esko: Task-integrated pair-reading: a study of functional literacy in a foreign language



Siekkinen Hellä: Basic English business communication in multi-form education: a teaching experiment at a Finnish business college

Pitkänen-Huhta Anne: Summary task: a comparison of L2 and L1 performances

Mäntylä Maire: Self-direction in a self-access EFL environment: a portfolio experiment at a Finnish business college

Räsänen Anne: Tailoring EFL programmes for professional purposes: a case study of learner/client involvement in an ESP curriculum design process



Louhiala-Salminen Leena: "Drop me a fax, will you": a study of written business communication

Mustonen Eija: Textbook and authentic language of automation technology



Sallinen Riitta: Three perspectives to text structure representation



Piirainen-Marsh Arja: Negotiating impositions in native/non-native interaction

Hankaniemi Antti: Short-term motivation in foreign-language learning and teaching

Koponen Matti: Glottal boundary markers and aspects of disfluency in Finnish English

Eloranta Mervi: The acquisition of temporal systems in English by Finnish learners in the classroom context

Väänänen Pirjo: Need of English in mechanical engineering: a target task indentification

Pitkänen Erkki: Finnish schoolchildren's English vocabulary at the beginning of their English studies

Nikula Tarja: Lexical certainty modifiers in non-native and native discourse



Pihko Marja-Kaisa: The intelligibility of native and non-native L2 accents

Mäkinen Kaarina: Topical depth and writing quality in EFL writing



Peacock Michael: The role of formal instruction in second language pronunciation learning

Alanen Riikka: Cross-linguistic influence between native and non-native languages (työ hyväksytty 1991)



Leppänen Sirpa: Problem of contextual coherence in a drama translation. A case study of Matti Rossi's Finnish translation of King Lear

Dufva Hannele: Lexical processing in native and foreign language production (työ hyväksytty 1989)



Lampi Mirjaliisa: Linguistic components of strategy in business negotiations



Rekiaro Ilkka: America's values in thrillers

Hirvonen Tuula: Children's foreigner talk: studies in input and interaction

Lehtinen Marjatta: Observations on subjectivization in English and Finnish (työ hyväksytty 1985)



Vesterinen Henna: Motivation of university students of English in Finland



Tirkkonen-Condit Sonja: Textual criteria in translation quality assessment



Robinson Douglas: John Barth's Giles goat-boy: a study



Korpimies Liisa: The Birthday Party: a study in discourse analysis and cohesion

McKinnon Maija: The syntax and semantics of nominal apposition in English



Markkanen Raija: Time and aspect in English and Finnish