Dissertations in progress

Doctoral students 2018 – English

  • Edalati, Kian Zahra - On the role of intercultural competence in English as a foreign language in Iran
  • Hemmilä, Anita - ANCESTORS OF TWO-SPIRITS THROUGH CRITICAL DISCOURSE ANALYSIS: An Historical Study of Representations of Native North American Gender-Crossing and -Mixing Males
  • Hietamaa, Tarmo 
  • Inphen, Wirya 
  • Iikkanen, Päivi - The Role of Language in the Integration Process into Finnish Society
  • Karjalainen, Noora - Media Representation of Female Folk Singers
  • Kivilahti, Sarianna - In search of EFL writing: the role learning materials in learning and teaching of writing in English in the Finnish classroom context
  • Korpi, Suvi 
  • Kushnir, Roman - Construction of Transcultural Identities in a Selection of Finnish-American Migrant Fiction
  • Lehtimäki, Maria 
  • Leminen, Anni 
  • Martikainen, Anna 
  • McCambridge, Laura - Norms and Ideologies of Academic Writing on an International Master's Programme in Finland
  • Mäntysaari, Maijastiina
  • Ogu, Charles 
  • Oittinen, TuireMultimodal interaction in technology-mediated business meetings
  • Paatsila, Elina 
  • Piittinen, Sari - The Gothic in games and gaming: Gothic ideology and monstrosities in the universe of Fallout 3 and as experienced in play
  • Reus, Tim - Musical, Visual and Verbal Aspects of Song Dubbing: A Case Study of Disney’s Frozen in Dutch
  • Roiha, Anssi - Former pupils’ reflections on the effect of CLIL on their foreign language self-concept, attitudes and life course
  • Salam, Rauha - Construing Digital Identities Linguistically: A Study of Femininities and Masculinities in Social Network Communication in Pakistan
  • Salovaara, Harri - Male Mountain Athletes and Their Relationships to the Environment
  • Seppälä, Milja - Language ideologies and language policy among university students: A comparative study of China and Finland
  • Wide, Carola - Crossmodal Storytelling: From Abjection to Girl Agency and the Genius in Counternarratives of “Little Red Riding Hood”