Doctoral studies consist of long-term research-based study leading to writing a dissertation (210 ECTS credits) and course-work (30 ECTS credits) based on a personal study plan.

General aims

The aim of postgraduate studies is to develop general research skills and deepen knowledge of the field of study chosen. Through research-based study and coursework doctoral degree students gain in-depth knowledge of their field and develop a range of competences required of members of the scientific community, including the following:

  • understanding of research traditions and current approaches in the chosen field of study
  • scientific thinking and problem solving
  • managing the research process
  • knowledge of theories and methods used in the chosen field of study
  • ability to generate new findings
  • ability to critically review and develop one’s own work
  • ability to apply the principles of scientific thinking in teaching and other professions

Requirements for the degrees of Phil.Lic and PhD

  • Licentiate of Philosophy (120 ECTS credits)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (240 ECTS credits)

For more detailed information, see Faculty of Humanities: Guide for doctoral degree students

Requirements for doctoral studies in English

In addition to writing the dissertation (210 ECTS credits), doctoral students are required to complete the following studies:

1. EKIJ100 Postgraduate seminar (10 ECTS credits)

  • active participation and presentations in seminars

2. EKIJ200 Theory, methodology and research skills (20 ECTS credits)

Courses and/or independent work, such as:

  • courses organised by the University of Jyväskylä (e.g. the Schildt institute)
  • national and international research training courses
  • postgraduate studies in other universities
  • conference presentations
  • scientific publications
  • university level teaching and supervision
  • other scientific activity (e.g. scientific organisations or societies, conference organisation)
  • training in project management

The credits for EKIJ200 will be granted on the basis of a written report or portfolio submitted to the main supervisor.