Research profile

The English Section at the Department of Language and Communication Studies is an internationally recognized centre for empirically-based theoretical and applied research in several research areas. Our research activity is based on collaboration across disciplinary and faculty borders. It is organized into projects carried out by research groups and individuals and covers a wide range of topics.

Our work focuses on the following core areas:

  • language learning and teaching
  • sociolinguistics, in particular linguistic diversity and multilingual practice
  • discourse and interaction
  • literacy studies

Within these areas we draw from theories of language, learning and discourse in order to investigate language use as social and discursive practice which entails people making meaningful choices that are both shaped by and at the same time contribute to the constitution of social action, identities and relationships. Methodologically, much of our research draws from discourse analysis, sociolinguistics, conversation analysis and methods of second language research.

The Department housed from 2006 to 2011 a research group which is part of the national Centre of Excellence for the study of Variation, Contact and Change in English. More detailed information about projects by research groups and individuals is found on their webpages.