Making Your Own Study Plan

A study plan is a description of

  • what you intend to study
  • why you take the courses you choose
  • when and how you plan to take the courses you choose.

As a full-time English major (with one or two minor subjects), we recommend that you take all Basic Study courses and some courses in Subject Studies during the first year of study. It is a good idea to take most of the remaining courses in Subject Studies during the second year, however, leaving the BA Thesis seminar for completion in the third year. Overall, in planning your studies, try and spread the workload so that you can complete all your studies in about five years. See Timing of studies

All first-year students are supported in making their study plan in Staff Tutoring.

In making your study plan(s) and deciding what to study and which courses to take, it is useful to consider 1) your previous studies in English (and in other subjects), 2) the competences expected of academic people in general, 3) your professional aspirations, and 4) your personal interests:

  • Which of your communication skills need improving?
  • Which courses offer the kind of expertise you will need in your future career?
  • Could you do with practice in some aspects of doing research (e.g. research methods, academic writing, studies skills) before taking the BA Thesis Seminar or the MA Thesis Seminar?

When making your study plan(s), keep in mind that there is no single correct answer to any of the above questions. Even if you have a clear profession in mind (e.g. foreign language teacher), there are choices to be made over the years – hopefully reasonable ones. When you have finished your studies with us, you will be able to take pride in being an expert in the English language in your own particular way.

Study plan is made in Sisu (or in Korppi if you have started your studies before 2018)

Instructions for using Sisu in Finnish | in English

In Korppi, study plan is made as eHops, see Opinnot (Studies) > Opintojen suunnittelu (Organizing your studies).

Instructions for the use of Korppi's eHops (electronic study plan) planning tool in Finnish | in English