Academic writing

Here are a number of links (out of dozens and dozens of similar ones) that might be of use when you are working on different pieces of academic writing. These links complement one another. Links marked with * are among the most comprehensive.

1. The writing process

What does academic writing involve: stages in writing

How to characterize academic style:

How to report what others (or you) have said, found, etc.: reported/indirect speech



How to establish cohesion in a text

How to establish coherence (or flow) in a text: theme and rheme or old and new information

2. Writing outcomes

For writing a research proposal

How (and why) to write a research paper / an essay; however, note our House style

How (and why) to write an annotated bibliography; however, note our House style

How (and why) to write a book review:

How to write a resume/curriculum vitae and an accompanying cover letter, when applying for an academic job: