MA thesis

Writing the pro gradu thesis develops the skills required in independent academic study and scientific research. Most of these skills are also required in the professional tasks that studies in English prepare you for.

The overall purpose of writing the thesis is to train students in searching for and collecting information from various sources, critically analysing and evaluating this information, and using it to plan and carry out a research task. This involves identifying a problem or question that is of academic/scientific and/or professional interest, making use of appropriate methods for investigating this problem, analysing and interpreting relevant information or data, and producing a written report in which the results of the project are presented and evaluated.

Writing the thesis also develops your ability to present the outcomes of your project in a clear and coherent fashion.


  • Types of pro gradu theses
    1. Research report
    2. Review of literature in a particular field of research
    3. Research task with professional orientation