Juliet studies

English subject studies for Juliet students

The Department of Languages has made a special agreement with the Department of Teacher Education that Juliet students wishing to study English as a minor subject, are exempted from certain courses based on their Juliet studies.

Those Juliet students who are awarded the study right to English subject studies complete the following English courses:



When applying to study English subject studies, Juliet 1 (25 op) must be completed.

Application documents

Application documents are returned by email to the Education coordinator of English by the 15 May 2018. Only electronic portfolios are accepted (PDF preferred). Applications are evaluated by two members of the teaching staff. The results will be published by 8 June and all applicants will be notified of results by email.

NOTE! JULIET students who take part in the entrance exam for minors (either in spring or in autumn) and are accepted to study English have to study the whole of Basic and Subject studies for minor students (28 credits and 32 credits respectively, in total 60 credits).

Useful information related to the English studies