English subject studies for Juliet students 2017

Those JULIET students who are accepted to start their English studies in 2017 complete the following English courses:


BASIC STUDIES (15 credits):

  • KLSP004 Johdatus kieleen ja sen tutkimukseen, 2 credits
  • Pronunciation part of the EKIP1001 Pronunciation and Oral Skills course,  1 credit
  • EKIP2001 Introduction to Language Study, 4 credits
  • EKIP2002 Exploring Grammar, 2 credits
  • EKIP404 Discourse and Literacy, 2 credits
  • EKIP506 Cultural History of the English-speaking World, 4 credits

SUBJECT STUDIES (22-25 pts):

  • any of the EKIA100x writing courses, 3 credits (NB. Not required if the student writes his/her BA Thesis in English. Please send your BA thesis to the Education Coordinator by email or send her the link to JYX archive)
  • 5 credits from the section The Study of Language/Kielitieto
  • 4 credits from the section Language, Culture and Society/Kieli, kulttuuri ja yhteiskunta
  • 4 credits from  the section Literature/Kirjallisuus
  • EKIA315 Current Issues in Teaching English, 5 credits
  • one of the following self-study options, 4 credits:

o EKIA390 Learning and Teaching Grammar and Vocabulary
o EKIA391 Reading and Writing in a Foreign Language
o EKIA392 Learning disorders from the perspective of SLA

For course descriptions, see English syllabus or Korppi.

NOTE! JULIET students who take part in the entrance exam for minors (either in spring or in autumn) and are accepted to study English have to study the whole of basic and subject studies (28 credits and 32 credits respectively, in total 60 credits).