Portfolio guidelines for Juliet students

Students wishing to begin English Subject Studies in the Department of Languages must present a portfolio of their written work. They should select three pieces of their writing (e.g. course papers, assignments, projects) completed during JULIET 1 (the first 3 years of JULIET).


Please note the following guidelines:

  • Please ensure that the portfolio submitted to the Department of Languages has been especially put together for this application.
  • At least one text should come from an Academic Language Development course (1 or 2). The other texts should also be academic texts and can have been written during an exchange period.
  • The pieces should be edited for the portfolio to match the requirements set for good academic writing.
  • The portfolio should demonstrate the applicant’s ability to use and cite sources according to academic conventions in English. 
  • The texts should follow the House Style Guidelines set by the English section of the Department of Languages or the guidelines of the American Psychological Association (APA).

The structure of the portfolio should be as follows (see explanations below):

  1. Cover page
  2. Contents page (with numbered pages)
  3. Introduction
  4. The process text: one text with all the drafts, the feedback received and the description of the writing process
  5. The product texts: two texts (final drafts)
  6. Conclusion
  7. Student’s own evaluation of the portfolio as a whole (use this template)

3. The introduction (approx. 1 page)

In the introduction, you should reflect on your development as a writer, introduce the portfolio as a whole and provide a rationale for the selection of the texts.

The following prompt questions may help:

    • Where did you begin as a writer of English?
    • What were your goals?
    • How do you see yourself now?
    • What future goals do you have? (e.g. study habits, use of strategies, particular language areas)
    • What texts are presented in the portfolio?
    • Why did you choose these assignments?
    • What was their best/most important/interesting aspect?
    • What was easy/difficult in writing the texts?
    • How could they be improved?
    • What did you learn doing the assignments?

4. The process text

You should select one piece of writing to be presented as a process text. This section of the portfolio should demonstrate the writing process in its entirety, including all the drafts written during the process, also those showing the instructor’s feedback and possible peer feedback. This section will also include the description of the writing process of that particular paper, not just general observations about your writing in general. The description is a short chronicle of the process to give the reader an accurate, insightful look into your writing process. You can comment on any tools/techniques you used. It is advisable to refer to the text and use examples from it to illustrate your points. The description should be written in the form of a short essay with an intro-body-conclusion structure (approx. 2 pages). 

You should include here:

  • all the drafts,
  • the instructor (and peer) feedback,
  • the analysis of the writing process,
  • and the final version of the paper.

5. The product texts

The final drafts of two texts of your choice should be included in this section.

6.  Conclusion (approx. 1 page)

You should summarize the lessons learnt and again reflect on your development as a writer.

Any notes that you have kept over the years or reflections on your learning process in writing in general can be integrated in the conclusion as reflections. You can include various aspects in your discussion, for instance, what you have found especially important/useful, what challenges you have faced, what has helped, what you have enjoyed and why, how you react to your work looking back.

The following prompt questions may help:

    • What does this choice of assignments demonstrate?
    • What was your favourite assignment, why?
    • What was frustrating/difficult?
    • What initial goals were achieved?
    • What else have you learnt?
    • How would you describe your progress?
    • What observations can you make about yourself as a writer in the light of this portfolio?
    • How do you integrate the feedback that you received?
    • What future goals do you have? How might these be achieved?

7. Self-evaluation

Please fill in the self-evaluation sheet and add it to the portfolio.


Evaluation of the porfolio

The teacher’s evaluation of your portfolio will cover all the tasks, including the introduction, the process and product texts, the description of the writing process and the conclusion. The main evaluation criteria are as follows:

  • Content
    • Is the thesis (main idea) clear and well-supported?
    • Does the assignment show effort and good intent?
    • Is the topic discussed intelligently and maturely?
  • Organisation
    • Is the paper clearly structured?
    • Do the paragraphs support the main idea presented in the introduction?
    • Are the paragraphs logically connected?
    • Is there a proper conclusion?
  • Language use
    • Is the text grammatically accurate?
    • Does the author use varied constructions?
    • Is the style academic?
    • Are the logical connectors used appropriately?
  • Use of sources
    • Does the author cite relevant and academic sources?
    • Are the sources cited according to the guidelines?
    • Is the bibliography compiled appropriately?