Registration for Examinations and Grading

Examinations on lecture courses and other examinations of English are held either on our own examination days or on the examination days of the Faculty of Humanities. The examination dates are announced each term on our noticeboards and website (examination timetable).

Registration for Examinations

You should complete your registration for examinations in the following way: For exams held on the examination days of the Faculty, you need to register at least a week before the examination date in Korppi.

For some examinations, no registration is required; students are notified of this separately in the exam timetable.

N.B. Registration for examinations held in June and July differs from the above. Instructions are provided in the exam timetable of English.


Cancelling a registration for an examination

If you cannot take the exam, please do one of the following:

  1. Cancel the registration in Korppi before the deadline of the registration (friday 12.00, a week before the exam).
  2. Inform both the examiner and the amanuensis by Wednesday 12.00 (exam week) by e-mail/phone.
  3. In a case of an illness etc. inform the examiner on the morning of the exam at the latest.


If the registration has not been cancelled, the examiner will mark the grade as 'fail' in korppi. After two unnecessary registrations, the student has to see the examiner before he/she can register again for the same exam.

The Grading of Examinations and Courses

Examinations are graded on the numerical grading scale (1-5).

For the BA Thesis Seminar and MA Thesis seminar paper, a Good/Fail system of grading is used, while other courses are mostly graded using the numerical scale. Any exceptions are mentioned in the course descriptions (see assessment of each course above).

The teachers will keep all graded material - course papers, exams, portfolios, etc. - for six months after the course or exam. Collect your material!

The Grading of Basic, Subject and Advanced Studies

Basic, Subject and Advanced Studies, respectively, are graded as a whole after the last study unit of the level has been completed satisfactorily. The marks range from Satisfactory to Good or Excellent.

N.B! To be able to continue your studies in Subject and Advanced Studies, you must have at least the grade Good for the previous level of study, i.e. you must have at least Good for Basic Studies before Subject Studies can be completed, and at least Good for Subject Studies before Advanced Studies can be completed. You can, of course, start courses at the higher level, even if you need to resit exams to get the required grade for you earlier studies.

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