Registration for courses

Registration for English courses for the whole academic year 2017 - 2018:

Re­gi­stra­tion for English cour­ses for the who­le aca­de­mic year 2018 - 2019:

  • Perusopinnot / Basic studies (1st year of BA): Fri 7.9. at 9:00 - Sun 9.9. at 23:50
  • Aineopinnot / Subject studies (2nd and 3rd year of BA): Mon 27.8. at 9:00 - Sun 9.9. at 23:50
  • Syventävät opinnot / Advanced studies (MA level): Mon 27.8. at 12:00 - Sun 9.9. at 23:50
  • Kieliaineiden yhteiset kurssit (koodilla KLS, MON ja KOP) / Joint courses of languages (codes KLS, MON and KOP, offered mainly in Finnish): Mon 13.8. 


  • The above-mentioned ending times apply for courses and sub-groups starting in the 1st period.
  • For courses and subgroups starting in 2nd, 3rd or 4th period, registration usually closes a day before the beginning of the period.
  • For course and group specific registration times, please see Korppi.


  • The English courses fill up very quickly, some in just a few minutes, so be online when the registration starts. Make your timetables + plan B beforehand. Tip from older students: open the courses you want to enroll for in different browser tabs, and when the registration starts, just refresh the page and hit "enroll" button.
  • Remember to choose and enroll also for the sub-groups if there are several within the course!
  • Please note that you need to register also for the spring term courses at the same time.
  • If you are an exchange student, the education coordinator will enroll you for the English courses on your behalf. If you attend any other courses, you'll have to enroll for those courses yourself in Korppi.

In case of problems/questions concerning registration please contact the education coordinator.  

Basic information

1. Start planning your study schedule in time! See:

Making your own study plan

2. Before registration in Korppi, please read carefully the syllabus.

3. Get acquinted with the course descriptions

where you can find explicit information about all the courses that are offered in basic, subject and advanced studies. Make sure you meet the prerequisites of the courses you plan to sign up for. In addition, note that if there is more than one group to choose from, please remember to register not only for the course but also for the group of your choice.

4. Read through the programme

where you can find e.g. the courses offered during the academic year and the times of the courses.