Workload of Basic Studies

Workload of Ba­sic Stu­dies 2018-19

KLSP004 Johdatus kieleen ja sen tutkimukseen Tämä on pääosin verkkokurssina toteutettava kurssi, johon kuuluu kaksi kontaktitapaamista. On hyvä varautua siihen, että joka viikko tehtäviin ja materiaaliin tutustumiseen kuluu n. 2-3 tuntia. 

KOPP1000 Kohti kielenopettajuutta (12 luentoa) Kurssin työmäärä: 5 op = n. 135 tuntia töitä (1 op = 27 tuntia opiskelijan työtä). Kontaktiopetusta on 24 h. Kurssityöskentelyyn liittyvien tekstien lukemiseen, oppimistehtäviin (5 kpl) ja opettajan portfolion aloittamiseen on näin ollen aikaa noin 111 tuntia. Kurssista valtaosa on itsenäistä työskentelyä. Suunnittele ajankäyttösi tehtävien palautuspäivämäärien ja kurssin muiden aikataulujen puitteissa, jotta työskentely jakautuu tasaisesti koko syksylle.

MONP1000 Kohti monialaista kieliasiantuntijuutta (9 luentoa + 2 portfoliotyöpajaa) Kurssin työmäärä: 5 op = n. 135 tuntia töitä (1 op = 27 tuntia), josta luentojen ja portfolioon liittyvien pienryhmätapaamisten osuus on 22 tuntia. Oppimistehtäviin (5 kpl, joista yksi ryhmätehtävä), kurssin lukemistoihin ja näyteportfolion työstämiseen on näin ollen tarkoitus käyttää n. 113 tuntia. Kurssista valtaosa on itsenäistä työskentelyä: suunnittele ajankäyttösi tehtävien palautuspäivämäärien ja kurssin muiden aikataulujen puitteissa, jotta työskentely jakautuu tasaisesti koko syksylle.

MONP1001 Kriittinen ajattelu ja tiedontuottaminen (6 luentoa + 6 pienryhmätapaamista) Kurssin työmäärä: 3 op = n. 81 tuntia töitä (1 op = 27 tuntia), josta luentojen ja portfolioon liittyvien pienryhmätapaamisten osuus on 24 tuntia. Oppimistehtäviin (6 kpl, joista kaksi ryhmätehtäviä) ja kurssin lukemistoihin on näin ollen tarkoitus käyttää n. 57 tuntia. Suunnittele ajankäyttösi tehtävien palautuspäivämäärien ja kurssin muiden aikataulujen puitteissa, jotta työskentely jakautuu tasaisesti koko kurssin ajalle.

EKIP101 Pronunciation and Oral Skills (36 contact hours)


  • Before each meeting the students are required to read a short presentation (taking about 5-15 minutes max) relating to the topic for that week.

 Oral Skills

  • The course is light on homework: the homework will consist of short weekly readings (such as a news article or book chapter) related to English speaking cultures and preparing a final presentation (about 15min) towards the end of the course.

EKIP102 Academic Writing (24 contact hours) The course is work-intensive. There are weekly assignments, which require careful planning and preparation. Most of the workload will comprise writing tasks to be done at home. You have to allocate several hours each week for independent work.  In addition to smaller assignments, there is one course paper to write (5-7 pages) and a revision assignment paper of a previous text in English. The course paper requires a plan, a bibliography and at least two drafts, while the revision assignment requires a plan. At the end of the term you will also have to prepare a portfolio, which should contain the written assignments and the analysis of the writing/revision process. You will also have to provide peer feedback on a regular basis. A student tutor will help and monitor your work, which means you need to assign some time for consultations as well. It is highly recommended that you keep a journal in which you record your writing and learning process.

EKIP2001 Introduction to Language Study (24 contact hours) We meet twice a week for one period. There will be some reading about basic linguistics for each class. For some classes this means a short intro text from the booklet and a chapter from Yule's book, and a bit less for some meetings. In addition to reading, there will be 2-3 short tasks either from the booklet or Yule. There will be a take-home exam mid-term, and you will have one week to complete the exam. At the end, there will be a more comprehensive home-exam, and you will have 2 weeks to hand it in. During the course you will also need to follow the media: what is said about language in the media. The final exam has one task on this.

EKIP103 Practical Grammar (12 contact hours) Over the course, up to six written assignments will be given. There is one final exam. The work at home may take up two hours each week. Classes will be devoted to teacher presentation as well as group discussion and work. There will be a placement test before the beginning of the course. The placement test is due on Monday 10 September at noon. The test should take a couple of hours to complete. Students who receive a 5 on the exam are exempt from attending the course and will receive a grade of 5 for the course.

EKIP2002 Exploring Grammar (24 contact hours) There is one class each week. Students will be required to prepare for classes by doing exercises. Classes will be devoted to teacher presentations and group work and discussion of each week’s topic. There are two home exams.

EKIP403 Introduction to Literary Studies (24 contact hours) There is a topic for each week, and students are required to read some explanatory material about it in either Art of Fiction or Ways of Reading (or occasionally both). Then they read a literary text (or several) and write down answers to the questions that have been set on it. The amount of work per week varies, but students should reckon on at least an hour per week, and longer sometimes.

EKIP404 Discourse and Literacy (24 contact hours) Before each class, it is advised to take a look at the booklet in order to orient oneself to the topic of the class. This should not take longer than 15 – 30 minutes. For class 6, there will be a reading task - an article - as homework. Normally you can read an article in 2-3h when you make notes. For class 7, there is a small homework of analyzing an image. This should take about 1h. It is a practice run for the actual Image analysis assignment. Doing the assignment can take about 3-4h. For class 12, you might have to finish presentations on the analysis of websites at home, if there was not enough time to do it in class. How much time is needed depends on how far you got during class. The course assignment takes something from 4 to 8 hours, but it all depends on your own pace and working methods.

EKIP506 Cultural History of the English-Speaking World (24 contact hours) There are weekly lectures that you are advised to attend. However, in case you cannot make it to some of the sessions, you can still earn the credits in the form of distance learning. The lectures will be recorded, and you can watch the recordings from home. This is mainly meant for cases when you are physically unable to attend the lectures (e.g. due to illness or course overlap). There are some smaller assignments that you will have to do, such as searching for information or watching short videos. In addition, you need to read selected chapters from two history books. There is a written exam at the end of the course, which includes questions based on the lectures, the assignments, and the selected readings.

EKIP504 The Story of English (24 contact hours) The overall estimated workload of this course is 54 hours in the time span of eight weeks plus the flexible exam preparation time. The homework tasks vary during the course, but it is a good idea, in addition to the lectures, to reserve 2-4 hours every week for it during Period IV, if you attend all lectures or watch them online. When missing a lecture, the student should read up on the lecture’s topic. The course is rather intensive, as it is offered in one period (2 * 2 hours weekly, excluding Easter break).