Opintokokonaisuuksien kokoaminen


  • After you have completed basic, subject or advanced studies in English, please ask the amanuensis to record the study entity and your average grade in Korppi. 
  • Courses graded on a pass/fail scale are not taken into account in the average grade.
  • All the courses of the study entity have to be inserted to the registry before the recording can take place.
  • In the case of advanced studies, MA thesis does not have to be finished but the MA Thesis seminar does. MA thesis will not be included in the entity of advanced studies.
  • NOTE! Every student is responsible for informing the amanuensis about this matter. It is not done automatically.

You can ask for the registration in two ways:

1. Send a request via eHops in Korppi (recommended, faster way). 

  • It will usually take max. one day for the amanuensis to record your study entity (exception: holidays and work trips)


2.  Send a list of all the courses that you want to be included in the stydy entity in question to the amanuensis by e-mail.

  • Remember also the KLS courses.
  • Please mention your full name and date of birth when requesting the recording.


  • If you request the recording by email, the amanuensis will reply to you only once she has recorded the entity.
  • Please do not resend your email if you haven't got a reply - all requests will be handled in the order of arrival. If your request is urgent, please mention that in your email.  


Please note:

1. The amanuensis of English takes care of recording the study entities of the English studies only. If you want a study entity of another discipline to be recorded, please contact the amanuensis of the said department / discipline.

2. It is important to record the study entities as soon as they are complete, because you cannot be awarded a Bachelor's or Master's degree if some study entities are not recorded. Please also note that recorded study entities are valid as such even if the syllabus changes, but individual, unrecorded courses may expire.


Contact info:
Education coordinator Saara Vuolle