Instructions for taking a self-study option

Planning your self-study options

Self-study has become an essential part of our syllabus for everyone, and we would like to draw your attention to the following points:
  • It often takes time to get hold of the books that you need, whether you are getting them from the library or from a bookshop. Plan your studies well in advance of the examination date, and be prepared to postpone registering for the examination if you know that you are not prepared for it.
  • Do not register for an examination until you have actually read the books in question and are ready for the examination. Producing examination questions and organizing the administrative side of the examination are very time-consuming, and it is a waste of departmental resources to do this for a candidate who cancels at the last moment or does not turn up for the examination.
  • If you want to know what type of questions you may be asked in the examination, please ask the teacher/examiner concerned directly, rather than registering for the examination and then not answering any questions.
  • The idea of these self-study options is to complement the other courses offered, and to give you more flexibility in what you study. This allows you to specialize in one particular area that interests you. Taking these examinations requires long-term planning, good time management, and the ability to read extensively, in order to evaluate what you have read, and to work within a limited time frame.
  • The examination dates can be found on the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences webpage.
  • See the list of self-study options 2017-2020

Registration for a self-study option / Faculty examination days

  • Register for a self-study exam in Korppi > Studies > Exams > Course search and registration Ι Opinnot > tentit > haku ja ilmoittautuminen (do not search under courses!)
  • Registration for exams starts on Monday after the previous exam day has passed and ends one week before the examination date (previous Friday at 12.00 sharp).
  • If you subsequently realize that you cannot attend the examination, inform the departmental coordinator and the examiner by the Wednesday before the examination. After that, the administrative process cannot be stopped. 
  • Please note that the registration timetable for summer exams (June, July, August) differs from the abovementioned:
    • registration starts 1 May
    • for June exam registration ends Monday 28 May at 12
    • for July and August exam registration ends Monday 4 June at 12.
  • Every examination is a maximum of four hours long. The questions are all in English and you are expected to answer in English.
  • If you fail an examination or leave without answering any questions on two consecutive occasions you will not be permitted to register again until you have spoken to the examiner.

Please help us to make these self-study options successful by respecting the guidelines above.

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