Module 5: Language, Culture and Society EKIP500

Basic Studies

The goal of this unit is to help students develop a critical understanding of the histories and cultures of English-speaking nations. There are two major and sometimes overlapping sub-units within this unit: one emphasizes contemporary culture; the other emphasizes history.

Roger Noël Smith
Eleanor Underwood

Target group: First year students.

Aim and content: The aims of the tutorial are to expand students’ awareness of English-speaking cultures, encourage critical reading and develop oral skills.

Mode of study:  Tutorial (one hour per week throughout the year) involving group and whole class discussions based on the reading of four books, each about a different English-speaking culture.  Each teacher will teach the tutorial in his / her own way.

Assessment: 75 % of the final mark will be based on the quality of contributions made to the class discussions.  In order to participate in these discussions students will have to have read the relevant texts beforehand.  The other 25 % of the final mark will be given for a review of the year, done at the end of the course.

Required reading:
Roger Noel Smith’s groups:
Chinua Achebe. Things Fall Apart
Bill Bryson. Notes from a Small Island
Bruce Chatwin.  The Songlines
V.S.Naipaul. A Turn in the South
Note: Students are required to obtain copies of these books before we start to discuss them.  The first book to be discussed in September 2006 will be Things Fall Apart.

Eleanor Underwood’s groups:
Bill Bryson (1995).  Notes from a Small Island. (Various editions)
Bruce Chatwin (2001).  The Songlines.  London: Penguin
Antjie Krog (1999).  Country of my Skull.  London: Vintage
Amit Chaudhuri (1992).  A Strange and Sublime Address. London: Vintage   
Note: Students are required to obtain and read copies of these books before we start to discuss them.  The first book to be discussed in September 2006 will be Notes from a Small Island, and students should have read this by the second week of classes.  The books are obtainable from Suomalainen Kirjakauppa and Kampus Kirja, as well as www.amazon.co.uk.

Michael Coleman

Prerequisites: none

Target group:
Basic Studies students.

Aim and Content:
The goal of this lecture course is to provide students with critical understandings of major developments in modern British and American (United States) history, from c.1700 to the present. The course will continually compare and contrast British and American (and other) historical developments.

Mode of study:  lecture and readings. Comment and discussion welcome in class.

  3-hour written examination (no books).

1) Moniste: British and American History (course outline, Copy Shop).
2)  Readings suggested each week by lecturer.

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