Module 6: Research EKIA600

Basic Studies

EKIA650 PROSEMINAR 15 points

Michael Coleman


My groups choose subjects from within the broad field of Cultural and Social Studies. We utilize a variety of historical, cultural, educational and literary sources, and I encourage students to begin projects which they can continue in the Seminar and Pro Gradu. We generally meet as a group, but I sometimes meet students individually.


Tuula Hirvonen

My proseminar group will work on topics in applied linguistics, particularly those related to second language acquisition and teaching and learning of writing. I would like to continue in the area of writing with those who are interested in exploring feedback and tutoring writing. I offer two groups, one starting in September and another in January. The January group will carry on till the end of the following autumn term. This is thus an option for those students who are planning on going abroad in their third year (spring term). I invite applications also from second-year students who feel that they are ready for a proseminar (most subject studies courses done).

Katja Mäntylä

This proseminar is especially for students who are interested in applied linguistics, in particular second/foreign language learning and teaching, language assessment, and/or vocabulary studies.

Elizabeth Peterson

This proseminar group will focus on topics within the general field of sociolinguistics, especially language varieties and language variation, language attitudes, pragmatic variation, and English as a contact language. We will usually meet as a group, although some individual meetings will be required.

Instructions for the research essay (maturiteetti)

Kypsyysnäyte (maturiteetti, tiedekunnan ohjeet).

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