The Proseminar Research Paper or Bachelor's (BA) Thesis

The proseminar research paper (with a minimum of 15 pages, approx. 3,750 words of text, not including contents pages, abstract, bibliography, appendices) offers the student the opportunity to practice and become familiar with the procedures and relevant methodologies of scholarly research.

The paper should present a research question or set out a hypothesis, one that places the study within the theoretical framework and the literature of the field; it should suggest the contribution that it will make to the field. The study should be empirical so that it is based on data, which has been obtained through appropriate means of data collection and analysed by using relevant methods of analysis, or it should be based on - and make interpretations of - relevant primary and secondary sources.

The paper should lead the reader through its research question or hypothesis, methodology, analysis, and discussion in an organized and logical way. It should end by summarizing its major findings, by showing its contribution (the "so what?") to the field, and by suggesting potentially fruitful further studies; these may lead the student into Pro Gradu research.

Above all, the work should be the student's original analysis and interpretation of the data or sources, in light of the directing hypothesis or question asked.